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Painter's tape or a paint trimming tool?

Painter's tape or a paint trimming tool?

So, what is a paint edger or paint trimmer? A paint edger is a game-changing trimming too with a paint pad allowing you to cut in paint along trim moldings. This edging tool also allows you to paint along the joints between walls and ceilings creating a very clean line. Paint roller edgers are most typically used to paint walls, most commonly above baseboards, underneath crown moldings, and for corners avoiding any paint reaching areas it shouldn't.

To define a paint edger tool: they are tools specially designed with a handle running adjacent to surfaces to achieve a clean-edged line and to prevent paint coating wood trim or adjoining ceiling surfaces.

Professional contractors rarely use paint edger tools, this is because they are qualified experts and paint every day with precision. For those doing DIY projects (which is becoming much more common), this trimming tool is a lifesaver. Very often, paint jobs for feature walls, patchwork, and other painting tasks are left as it can take a lot of concentration and stress to keep those edges clean making them appear as professional as possible.

Nothing can beat the steady and precise hand of a professional painter. The main question is whether the 'Painter's Tape' method is better than a paint edging tool. Firstly, painter's tape (most commonly crepe tape or blue tape) can tear easily and can in some cases fall off if not stuck down correctly. Secondly, results using this method can be imperfect with paint seeping below the edge of the tape. However, in most cases, this method is quite effective and can save you money having to buy a roller. You can also adhere the tape to a large variety of surfaces and protect areas such as power outlets.

On the other hand, the painting roller trimmer tool eliminates the need for taping up your walls to create that temporary guard. The edger can, however, be sloppy in the case that the guard is not kept clean and moved along correctly.
While both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, it is safe to say that the paint cutting tool is ideal for DIY individuals with busy schedules. The edger tool allows you to achieve a cleaner edge when painting without a long setup and the need for the 'steady painter's hand'.

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