The Importance of Interactive Play

The Importance of Interactive Play

Brittany Clare

Many pet owners don't realize the importance of interactive play. Many people think it's simply physical excretion and just a great way to burn their excess energy with fun squeaky toys and puzzles. However, in this article, we'll be shining the light on the many benefits that come with interactive play.

It is common knowledge that interactive play with pet toys increases muscle tone and promotes weight loss in your cat or dog. Of course, if your cat is over eating or has a poor metabolism, you'll start to see them lose weight, and what once was fat and what could cause health issues will become muscle tone. This applies to both cats and dogs. By nature, dogs are more inclined to be active. Some dogs need that extra push or the right toy to get them to exercise.

However, many cats as they age can slow down and may simply want to lay in the sun. This is where slow-feeding toys can work wonders. When you feed your pet in small amounts but combine it with the element of fun and play, you'll start to see their health improve. Not only will you begin to see them lose weight and gain muscle tone, but their metabolism will improve. You'll also have plenty of time to complete those tasks waiting for you or time to yourself.

Snuffle mats are a great way to help your pet stay active and healthy with interactive play. All you need to do is make sure your pet isn't peeking, and hide their favourite biscuits and treats in the many fun layers. Your pets cute snout and nose will be sniffing for a while as they play in excitement.



Alternatively, interactive slow feeding dispensers are just as effective. These types of toys require a greater level of physical excursion as they bump the toy around and jump around waiting for the treats to fall out.

The other benefit of interactive play is that they'll be exercising their natural hunting instinct, with a high level of focus and energy as they play. Their minds will also be challenged and exercised keeping them both calm and alert. This will also enhance their obedience as they will be much more switched and will have a better ability to figure out right from wrong.

Interactive play is a bonding exercise to both their owner and the environment around them. The bond between a pet and its owner is of utmost importance, with a stronger bond, your pet will be more likely to listen to you. It is also crucial to their happiness and reduces stress when they receive their daily dose of love and affection from their owner through interactive play. These types of pet toys reduce stress by allowing your pet to re-channel any aggressive or unfavourable behaviour into something much more positive and fun.

Interactive play is simply fun! There's no denying it and this type of play is both beneficial for you and your much-loved pet. They'll spend hours improving their well being while you have time to yourself. It is simply a win-win situation!